$100.00 USD
$100.00 Setup Fee
Your IT Department Solution
Your IT Department consists of various people and resources with a wide variety of skill sets. This is a very important aspect to integrating our solutions, products and services into your business. The responsibilities of Your IT Department take in to account every aspect of your company. This includes delegation of authority, policies, procedures as well as the types of vendors you use to make your business operate.

Unlike a Managed Service Provider, we work with an annual budget to provide your business with total integrated IT Department for today’s competitive world. Your IT Department Solution is customized for your business and is very flexible so when your business changes, we can adapt quickly.
$650.00 USD

IT Services - WHMCS Custom Development
Custom WHMCS development with a dedicated team. Programming and design services for WHMCS modules and applications. This is a "work-for-hire" service. All coding developed becomes your property. "Property" means anything of value and includes, but is not limited to, financial instruments, information, including electronically produced data and computer software and programs in machine-readable or human-readable form, and any other tangible or intangible item of value.