GWent, LLC offers everything you need to successfully obtain IP communications services and VoIP for your home or business.  We provide you with high quality SIP trunking, termination and origination through our world-class platform.  We make it easy for you to operate with no large investment or overhead so you can focus your attention to your family or customers. We've built our own robust network with no single point of failure and provide the applications and services you need to succeed.  Learn more about GWent, LLC by reading below.

SIP Trunking
Connect your PBX to our network and take advantage of our high quailty international termination.
SIP Termination
Custom calling plans based on your domestic and international calling.
Prepaid Calling
GWent, LLC Prepaid services offers local access numbers in over 40 conturies. Prepaid calling can also be used with a softphone or ATA.
GWent, LLC systems are optimized to work with Asterisk, Trixbox, 3CX and any SIP based PBX system.
Custom Dial Plans
With Custom Dial Plan (CDP), we can have our system automaticall dial the country codes, area codes, city codes, etc., which will allow faster and easier dialing to most areas.
The GWent, LLC Create-a-Plan (CAP) offers you the ability to design and create your own calling plans. The feature allows you to create fixed or unlimited plans to the countries of your choice.
International DID Phone Numbers
GWent, LLC provides DID availabiliy in over 40 countries. Our DID checker allows you to show in real-time the availability of phone numbers.
Local Access
You can call anywhere in the world from any phone in the world using GWent, LLC PrePaid Call Credit and dialing a Local Access Number
Local & Toll-Free Numbers
GWent, LLC can provide phone numbers, DIDs and Toll-Free phone numbers for your SIP Trunk.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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