GWent, LLC VoIP & SIP Trunk services now include virtual numbers, Direct Inward Dial [DID] phone numbers in over 140 countries, voice mail, fax to e-mail, free inbound calling, unlimited plans for outbound calling, pay as you go and international calling. To learn more about the services, contact your Technologist Professional and let us design a voice solution plan for you, your family, your business...

If you have multiple phone numbers, we can assist you in routing all your numbers to one system, one voice mail box and to call any and/or all your numbers at the same time. Never miss a call! We can even integrate SMS Text into your design as well.

Let your Technologist Professional know your needs and wants, we'll dream up and design the perfect solution for you that meets your, needs, wants and costs. This is a very exciting time for communications, let's communicate!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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