Open / Save Dialog Box Freezes

Does one or more of your applications freeze when you try to open, save or another function that is supposed to open a dialog box?

Try the following resolution and leave feedback if or if it does not work for you.

  • Click Start Menu (Windows Logo in bottom left)
  • Start typing Indexing Options
  • Click Indexing Options
  • Click Advanced button
    • If prompted, click Yes
  • Click the button Rebuild in Toubleshooting section
  • Rebuilding may take a long time, Click OK button
  • You will see items indexed start to index items in your system
  • Click Close button
The indexing will continue until it is finished. You will not be notified when it is finished.  You may continue using your computer, as you use the computer the indexing will slow down so it does not interfer with what you are doing.

Wait some time and try opening, saving or performing the function that froze to see if it has resolved the issue.

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