About Gizmo wexler

I.T. Solutions Architect
Primary Technologist Professional

THE BEGINNING. Ever since my first trip through Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in the 5th grade, I've been fascinated with the history of human communication. As one of the passengers of our planet, I love and value humanity achievements.

I love to learn new things, researching the newest technologies and figuring out how technologies can work together. My passion is to enhance your personal and professional life by providing quality, accurate and current information about various technologies you use every day.

Experience a whole new world with me and my team...

If you are looking to hire a provider, this is my advice to you...

You need to look for someone you can work with. Someone that you trust 100% with your technologies. Data can easily be duplicated, uploaded online, and exploited with a push of a button. You must understand the policies and procedures your technology service provider has in place to safeguard these threats.

You should think about what experiences a provider has had...

I've been conducting technology services hands-on for over 25 years. I've seen tons of errors and issues come up. Real-world experiences allows me to provide quality of information and support that cannot be taught in a classroom. I am mostly self-taught and I learn only the things I need to know for my clients and Members. I do not work for any particular company or brand. Being an independent Technologist is important to you, because I find solutions that work for you and in your best interest.

How I began doing this type of work...

I have been providing remote technical support since the DOS days using a 2400bps modem, a telephone line and Carbon Copy for DOS. I am a Primary Technologist Professional who specializes in learning various types of new technologies and how they are used by a person, a company and the end users.

What education or training have I had?

I have been involved with all types of technologies from VoIP and troubleshooting the internet backbone to IT Administration on servers, delegating security access to data and providing technical support for network and desktop applications. Following the best practices of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as well as the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA). I also follow Ziff Davis publications, Consumer Reports, C|Net, and more resources to be able to provide the most current information. Being an Associate Member of the ABA allows me to obtain additional training and information about Science & Technology Law.

I provide security, network, data and product support...

When it comes to technology, I'm like an ER Doctor who has to know a little bit about everything and how they work together. I pride myself on the fact I can figure out software and technical issues quickly. There's always a why when technology fails. I'm the why guy. I look forward to working with you on various challenges and solutions that you are looking for. Remember, if something doesn't work, I can change it.


Maureen K.

Sanford, florida

«Gizmo Wexler, the owner and computer expert of GWent, LLC has been our technology expert for over 15 years.During these years, he has set up all our computers in two homes, and has fixed, updated and installed programs. He is able to patiently solve all problems, most remotely, and is aware of he newest update and glitches so he can help ameliorate both set-ups and concenrs with a depth of knowledge that is highly technical and current. We have always been satisfied..»

Enrique H.

orlando, florida

«awesome service ,super fast ,my laptop wouldn't start correctly anymore, programs wouldn't even open anymore I feared the worst, I was able to contact gizmo thanks to some friends from work who highly recommended him ,I couldn't be happier with the result my laptop us running like new he went above and beyond To make sure everything was taking care of and he Made sure tor keep in touch letting me know the status of everything going on, Thank you so much !!!!!»

Paul H.

midland, texas

«A pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable. I will definitely use Gizmo in the future and I highly recommend him to others.»

Giovannie A.

Davenport, Florida

«Very proffesional knew what to attack on my computer to get it fixed, really efficient. Loved the whole step by step communication on how was the device process. Overall outstanding technologist.»

Thom P.

dallas, texas

«I was quite impressed with Gizmo Wexler who has 18 years of serious duty managing networks and knows his stuff. Besides being knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional, he was especially patient. He quickly diagnosed the issue. He backed up the existing photos "just in case" and that took a bit of time. Again, I appreciated his caution. He also showed me how to workaround the issue. Gizmo went above and beyond, his charge was most reasonable, and I will use him again if needed. I recommend his work. You will be pleased.»

Judy F.

palm beach gardens, florida

«Thank you very much for being there and helping me with current glitch that was not in my scope. and you get an A with stars on your assignment.»

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