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Message from CEO
Welcome! In March of 1997, I had an inspiration to start a computer assistance company. Like all new beginnings, I had to search for what it is that I truly enjoy about technology and the reason why. I spent my days going from home to home, business to business addressing issues people faced every day.

I'm very passionate about new technologies and love helping people.  My enthusiasm is when the technology works for you the way you want it to.  I'm devoted to learning vast amount of new technologies and assisting in adapting the solutions that work for you.

Let's take your business and family's technology to the next level with my 20+ years of real world expereinces.

but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate.

Technology Trends



Home & Business

GWent, LLC offers many types of solutions, products, services and providers to ensure that you have the technology that works for you at home and at the office.


"Cloud" & "Plant"

Today's world, more people are moving their data and infrastructure to a data center known as the "cloud." We offer "plant" solutions to plant your data within your control and then securely branch out that data to the world.


Advances in Technology

Drones, robots, virtual doctors, virtual offices, virtual schools, remote employees are all becoming part of our daily lives. You need an IT team to ensure that you're able to reach for the stars.



A new kind of cityscape, the microprocessor an entire computer on a tiny silicon chip. Crystals inspired by nature now engineered by human for an ever growing role in microelectronics.



'System Software' is a set of instructions written for hardware to perform particular tasks. 'Application Software' is used by you to run specific applications according to your needs.



Companies and people working together to provide the means to interconnect your hardware, software, physical and virtual sites together. We use many partners to provide you best-in-class IT solutions.


Your world that works. Technology is all around us, where ever you look, where ever you go, take a moment and envision how you use it all.

We love to observe and learn about you and apply solutions the way you use technologies to enhance your personal and professional life.

Journey with us as your personal IT Department and explore a digital world of possibilities... Call Us Now


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