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21st Feb 2021
Happy New Year - 2021

Wow! What a year 2020 was. Time to increase our life productivity with the new "norm." Now providing more online access and applications than ever before to help you be the best you can while staying safe. Contact your Primary Technologist Professional about online persistent classrooms, persistent online meeting space, remote technical support, ...

27th Dec 2020
Happy New Year - 2020 A New Decade

This is a very exciting time in humanity. Many new technologies will be introduced and envisioned technologies will become part of everyone's daily lives. This is a perfect time to obtain a Technology Wellness Plan for your family.  New technologies will also bring new dangers to your family. It is more important than ever before to have a ...

6th Jan 2020
Your IT Department Solution

It is fun to do the impossible! If you can dream it, we have the courage to pursue the innovative solutions and resources to meet your bottom line. We don't play by the standard rules but we do remain compliant.Contact your Technology Professional to learn more about Your IT Department.An IT Department is responsible for all technological ...

1st Jan 2019
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